Yuna - Final Fantasy X

This commission was made for Halloween 2012. The obi and bow are made from gold cotton, with hand painted leaves and flowers, and satin stitched stems and borders. The bow has heavy interfacing to keep its shape and sets into the obi via wire frame. The hibiscus flower is salmon sateen, Peltex, hand painted dowels and beads. I used left over pink sateen from the sleeves to make the obi age (the pink tie under the obi).

The white top and sleeves are cotton sateen, and the sleeves are gradient dyed to pink and feature purple ties with painted beads. The black top is made from black spandex. I used blue poly suiting fabric to make the skirt because it holds pleats very well, and I hand painted the flower designs on the front. I bought the wig from JennysHairSense and Sharpie dyed it a warmer shade of brown, then lightly cut and styled it. The earring is made from dowels, glass beads and hand made beads and actully clips into the wig, since my client doesn't have pierced ears. The necklace was purchased.

Overall, I am so happy with this commission and took just a few pictures of myself in it to commemorate! I absolutely love all the details and I'm happy my client loved it as well.

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay