Alicia - Radiata Stories

Debut: Otakon 2007; This costume has been retired

Cost of materials: $270

Awards: 1st Place Friday Hall Contest, Otakon 2007

Alicia is the youngest sergeant of Theater Vancoor, a prodigy and daughter of the great hero Alfred. And her costume ROCKS! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and knew I had to make it real. It proved to be quite an ordeal - I had to make armor for the first time out of foamies.

It took about 3 months to finish this costume. There was heavy emphasis on armor making using craft foam sheets and Penwiper's online armor tutorial. In fact, most of this costume is just armor! You've got the breastplate, wrist and hand guards, elbow guards, shoulder pauldrons, stocking tops, knee guards, greaves, and shoe plates. Almost every piece is secured by leather straps and buckles that I put together. I used black and brown acrylic paints mixed with the glue mixture to get the particular shade of dark brown for the armor, and fabric backed every piece in two layers of brown wool for extra rigidity. The silver pieces are colored with Silver Rub 'n Buff and silver acrylic paint mixed with glue. The indentions on the silver trim were made with a seam ripper, and the studs on the pauldrons are rhinestones glued on and painted over. The chain for the pauldrons was purchased and secured with painted plastic rings and a painted ceramic bead for the center piece.

The only cloth parts are the bodysuit, the skirt, gloves, and the stockings. The bodysuit is White spandex lined in nude swim lining. I found the gloves on Ebay - they are made out of a nice faux pleather material they used in the '50s as a leather substitute. I just added a white cuff to the top of each glove with white stretch ponte and glued on the gold pieces to the wrists. The helmet is cardboard, paperclay and muslin layers, foamies and feathers (my first ever!) and I'm very proud of it. The boots, stockings, and wig were all purchased as is.

The skirt is my favorite piece. I used a dual color taffeta of purple and black, since Alicia's skirt changes color when she walks. The white border designs were cut out of white muslin and Heat 'n Bonded to the outside of the skirt, as well as the very bottom of the inside. The orange and yellow pieces were also Heat 'n Bonded on, and the silver and gold baubles are reinforced fabric, painted and sealed with ModPodge. The whole skirt is anchored onto a foam belt, painted silver, with a Velcro closure.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this costume, as it was a little dream come true for me to make it.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Leonhart Galleries, Jarrell Edwards,

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