Princess Aurora - Sleeping Beauty

Debut: T-Mode 2012

Cost of materials: $122

Awards: N/A

"Sleeping Beauty" is my favorite Disney movie, not just because it's a wonderful story with fantastic music and very stylized art, but because it was the first movie I ever saw with my grandmother. So there's a special bond there that will always be unique to me. I've been wanting to make Aurora's blue gown for a very long time, and this seemed like the best time to do it!

The dress is made using satin, stretch satin, satin tafetta, and Peau de Soie. I really liked the idea Pikmin Link and several other cosplayers had about making the sleeves out of stretch material for a closer fit. I also made a corset of satin tafetta, gold flossing, and 26 steel bones to obtain a cinched waist and get a better shape for the costume. The bodice looks a little wrinkly, but that's because it is non-stretch fabric that is very form fitting over a rigid corset.

The petticoat is blue organza ruffles with a white cotton overlay. I made the crown and necklace out of Wonderflex and craft foam. I already owned the shoes and the wig and just touched up on the styling. A big thank you goes to Allen Ryde for the idea of underarm gussets - it definitely helped my arm mobility! I am so very grateful to my grandmother for introducing me to this film and for making it such a dear thing to me. "Sleeping Beauty" will always remind me of the closeness we have and our wonderful relationship.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Loretta Frost

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay