Beauxbatons Student - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Debut: Halloween 2008; This costume has been sold

Cost of materials: $41

Awards: N/A

I found out about a Harry Potter theme cruise on the Carnival Cruise Line that went from New Orleans to Mexico and back over the week of Halloween, and I instantly signed up. And since it was Harry Potter and Halloween together, I knew I had to make a Harry Potter costume!

I didn't really want to make a Hogwarts uniform or a cloak, so I opted for the very cute Beauxbatons uniform, minus the hat and capelet and god-awful shoes. It took about a week to get together and with no time to spare...I was sewing until 2AM the night before leaving on the cruise. The dress and jacket are cornflower Casa satin, with buttons made of Sculpey and painted with dark blue enamel paint. The jacket trim is a nice lilac colored bias tape that I thought would look very nice with the blue (since they didn't have a dark shade of blue I was happy with and didn't have time to make my own bias tape).

The Beauxbatons emblem is hand-embroidered with gold metallic and lilac embroidery floss. Black stockings were purchased and I wore my black Velvet flats instead of the weird blue Oxford booties. I may try to get the shoes at some point, but I'm leaving them white ^.^ My fiance made the wand and it turned out really well: he used a wooden dowel, flower pot and candlestick, with a bright LED and wiring and, presto!

Overall, it was a very challenging costume to make! The dress has a very unique fit to the bodice requiring three vertical bust darts that I had to figure out, and the collar...oooh, the collar. It's a Peter Pan collar with long points in the front, and only one reference picture to base it on (turning that inside-out was very time-consuming). It also has flared, pointed cuffs on the sleeves, and I was lucky enough to have a similar contrasting fabric for those in my fabric stash.

But, it fits extremely well and looks great. I was very happy to have the lead singer of Witherwings, a Harry Potter band, comment on it and say how much she liked the outfit ^.^

Picture Credits: David Dunn

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