Briar Rose - "Sleeping Beauty"

Debut: Maryland Ren Faire 2010; This costume has been sold.

Cost of materials: $65

Awards: n/a

"Sleeping Beauty" is my favorite Disney movie, not just because it's a wonderful story with fantastic music and very stylized art, but because it was the first movie I ever saw with my grandmother. So there's a special bond there that will always be unique to me. I've been wanting to cosplay as Aurora/Briar Rose for a very long time, and this seemed like the best time to do it!

The costume is pretty simple. I used black twill for the bodice, fully boned with an invisible side zipper. I didn't want it to lace up because I wanted the entire costume to be as seamless as possible. I used the same black twill to re-cover the headband.

The shirt is white cotton knit that I dyed to that weird neutral shade of grey/beige. It took a couple of tests with mixing tan and grey dyes to get a color I was happy with. The Peter Pan collar is white knit.

The skirt is grey Casa crepe and has godets sewn into the front and back seams. There is horsehair braid sewn into the hemline to stiffen it and help hold its shape. I also sewed a white slip with faggotted lace along the bottom underneath the skirt for some additional shaping. And I wore a petticoat underneath that, too!

The wig I already owned, and I just curled the bangs and separate sections of hair to get Briar Rose's style. I did make Rose's purple wrap out of purple cotton. I also made her basket from a plastic pail, craft foam for the weaving, a basket handle, and a fake top covered with berries (so I could use it as a purse!)

I'm so happy with this costume - I absolutely love it!! The best part about wearing it the the last weekend of the Maryland Ren Fest was a little girl asking me if I was really Sleeping Beauty. I said yes and she asked me if I had seen Snow White. I said I had, but she couldn't come to the Faire, however (reaches into basket and pulls out an apple), "She gave me her apple! Would you like a bite?" To which the little girl gave me a horrified look and shook her head and whispered, "NO." My friends and I had a really good laugh at that. She was adorable!

And, upon wearing this costume at a Halloween party, I had a 5 year old chasing me around the house, insisting that I name all of her toys, and calling me "Sleeping Beauty" even though she knew it was a costume. I need to be more careful when I wear this costume around kids - I guess that's the Disney effect!

Picture Credits: David Dunn

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