Codex - The Guild

Debut: Anime USA 2009

Cost of materials: $115

Awards: N/A

This costume was an absolute must for me. I saw the video "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?" when it came out back in August 2009 and I fell in love with Codex's costume. I was going to try and make it for Dragon Con, but we ended up not going, so I took my time with it and made this costume for AUSA.

Ah!! Codex is so adorable!!!! The corset is made from red corduroy with steel boning, front busk closure and a separate front panel that snaps on on top of the busk. It laces up with red leather lacing in the back and is adorned with gold bias tape and red jewels. The skirt is three circle skirts: one lining slip, one Casa satin and one sheer overlay.

The top is ivory ribbed knit fabric that I sewed into a tank top, then overlayed the bust and shoulders made from Casa satin, craft foam, gold trim and jewels. That was probably the hardest part of the costume! The gauntlets are craft foam and Casa, with gold trim and lacing.

The necklace is a 6mm gold torque band purchased from Ebay, and I made the frames from gold vinyl and glued on all the rhinestones. The headband is also from Ebay, painted gold and adorned with jewels. The knee pads are red corduroy and gold lame with fleece filling. I used brown felt for the leg wraps, and modified a pair of shoes I already owned and sewed up the shoe pads from the red cord.

The staff was pretty easy, though it gave me a lot of trouble while in the making. PVC pipe, cardboard, red jewels, foam, a big clear ornament ball and lots of paint when into it!

I am so in love with this costume!!!!!! I love every part of it and I'm so freaking happy that I made it! I can't wait to wear her more ^.^

EDIT: I had a wonderful opportunity to wear Codex again for New York Comic Con 2011 and meet Felicia Day in costume! I did remake the shoes for the convention. I bought some snakeskin slingback heels that I modified and sprayed brown, then added the legs wraps onto. Much better than my old shoes - I am very happy with them! Felicia really is such a sweetheart. She loved the costume and was really impressed by it, and she and Sandeep had no problem autographing my gauntlets and taking a picture with me! That really was the best moment of my whole convention.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Anna Fischer, Popecerebus

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