Deedlit, ballgown version - Lodoss War

Debut: Anime USA 2008

Cost of materials: $140

Awards: Best in Craftsman, Anime USA 2008 Hall Contest

To tell the truth, although I absolutely LOVE Record of Lodoss War and RoLD: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, I find Deedlit to be very stuck up and in need of some lessons in humility. She does even out more in RoLW: CoHR after she's been with Parn for a while, which seems to temper her arrogance, and which helps me like her more. However, when I saw this particular picture of Deedlit, I couldn't help but fall in love with it.

The ball gown Deedlit wears in the OVA is white with pearl accessories and a green hair bow. But this version literally took my breath away and I've been planning on making it for some time.

The dress is made of light pink Casa satin, with butter shimmer organza for the skirt and bodice overlays and ruffles. I found a very nice (and cheap!) lace trim at G Street Fabrics in the same creamy color as the organza which I added to the organza hem line. The puffed sleeves have tulle added on the inside for extra poofiness. I did make a full petticoat using white petticoat netting (they didn't have any in pink), and trimmed with white ribbon (as I couldn't find any pink or white lace that I liked).

The headdress was made using a pink headband, pink paper roses, gold cord, and blue beads made from Sculpey, and dressed with the pink Casa satin. The ears are made from Model Magic and painted, and attatched onto hair clips that clip into the wig for easy on-and-off. The earrings, brow abd dress ornamanets were made from Victorian style buttons and cameos, painted with nail polish and glass stain, and attached onto earring posts/pink ribbon/dress bodice. The wig is set in place using a large scrollwork barrette, and bobby pinned at the top for a curly/poofy effect. I already owned the gloves and wig.

I think the most intricate work for this costume was done on the shoes and necklace. The shoes are Crepe satin Colorrifics, which are dyeable bridal shoes. I dyed them with RIT dye and a toothbrush, to ensure even dyeing and color matching the dress. When done, I used gold and blue fabric paints to make the designs for the shoes, then hand glued little white rhinestones to the rim of the shoes.

The necklace is my pride and joy! I took blue bicone crystals, one dewdrop bead painted with blue glass stain, gold chain, several lengths of gold ball chain, gold wire, and clear thread and managed to tie everything together to make the necklace! I had to use the wire to make chain loops for the main vertical chain for the bicone crystals to sit on, then cut the correct lengths of ball chain and tie them together using clear thread, even threading it through the blue crystals to tie the chain together. It has three clasps in the back, and it is very interesting to put on, to say the least. But it turned out so beautifully, and I'm very happy with it.

This costume has been a little dream and I'm so ecstatic that it came out so well!! And although I look like a huge shimmering cupcake in it, it really is so much fun to prance around in.

Picture Credits: for the artwork, David Dunn, EurobeatKing, Big Danny T, LJinto

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