Mina Murray and Prince Vlad - Dracula

Debut: Costume Con 27

Cost of materials: $1075

Awards: CC27 Co-chair theme award for Mina, "Excellence in Cascade Pleating" award for Workmanship, "Best Period Manners" award for Presentation

These costumes were made for Costume Con 27's Historical Masquerade and are a recreation of Wilhelmina Murray's town dress and Prince Vlad's town suit from Francis Ford Coppola's 1992 film "Dracula," designed by Eiko Ishioka.

I nearly had a meltdown making these two costumes in 3 months, but it was so worth it. They are incredible and I'm so glad I decided to make them!! Plus, I think these are the first recreations of Mina's and Vlad's town outfits that I've seen.

The dress is a boned bodice with false vest front made of silk and taffeta, with hand and machine embroidered leaves on the collar, lapels and cuffs. The skirt is taffeta lined in cotton. The train is three taffeta panels set in waterfall pleats. The hat and petticoat are also made of taffeta. The corset and undergarments are all period correct, including the socks that I dyed green ^.^ I also dyed the leather gloves to a nice emerald green. Shoes are authentic Victorian boots.

The suit is a Prince Albert frock coat made of wool and lined with silk and silk satin. The pants are unlined wool and include silk satin and leather suspenders. The shirt is cotton sateen dyed grey, with a pin-tuck shield front and detachable wing-tip collar and cuffs. The vest is silk satin, and the ascot is silk. The stovepipe top hat is made of felt, lined in silk satin, and set with a satin bow. Pince nez are authentic and stained blue with glass stain (completely removable).

Details on the Reproduction

Picture Credits: Leonard Jinto

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