Shana, White Silver Dragoon - Legend of Dragoon

Debut: Otakon 2009; This costume has been retired

Cost of materials: $150

Awards: N/A

This has been my ultimate dream costume for so long. Legend of Dragoon is a very special game to me. It was one of the first games I ever played, and I adore it from opening to close. The dragoon armor was simply breathtaking, and Shana's in particular is very elegant and fascinating. My friend Envel asked me after Otakon 2008 if I wanted to get in on some Dragoon action with her and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity ^.^

The entire costume was made in just over 2 weeks, so I was very rushed in making everything. The armor is made of craft foam and hot glue for the detailing, with a few bits of cardboard and vinyl tubing here and there. I did make the wings from painted vinyl, craft foam, PVC, and pink foam (my first real wings ever), but they were too heavy for my wing harness and I didn't have time to remake the harness for the con. But I didn't mind not having them for my costume debut, since they were really heavy ^.^

I'm so glad this costume worked out well. I simply love the game and I'm so thrilled that I could finally cosplay as Shana!!

Picture Credits: David Dunn

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay