Feena - Grandia

Debut: Ushicon 2006; This costume has been retired

Cost of materials: $190

Awards: Best of Weekend, Anime USA 2006 Hall Contest

I absolutely love the game Grandia, and Feena is such an awesome and strong character that I HAD to make this outfit. She's an adventurer, a master of whips and daggers, and she kicks butt! In the game, Feena has been on her own for a long time, dealing with a rough childhood, her parent's deaths, and her sister leaving her for the army. Still, despite her hardships, she has grown strong, independent, and has as much fun as the #1 Adventurer of the New Continent possibly can! Definitely a character with some depth, I really love Feena's fun-loving and saucy attitude, as well as the crazy color scheme of her outfit.

My debut at Ushicon 2006 was amazing and the costume was perfect! The whole costume took about 2.5 weeks to hand sew, and tons of handpainting :) I altered a pattern for the top, added the sleeves, and kind of estimated the skirt and shoe cuffs. Everything is lined and the edges are finished. The stockings were purchased and then treated with Fray Check and cut in order to get the appropriate holes without fear of the stockings getting a run in them. I handpainted the designs on the sleeves, belt, hair cones, and shoe cuffs with acrylic paint. It was my first time working with foamies, but I love the way the hair baubles turned out. After painting the hair pieces, I coated them in clear polyurethane to harden them. The back hair tie is a piece of ribbon, a water bottle cap, and half of a styrofoam ball. I absolutely love the wig...it's a green base wig with emerald green wefts hand sewn in to give it a more jewel toned look. The pouch was a CD case that I gutted, painted, glued ribbon to, and secured with a wire hanger bent into a U shape in order to have it hang off my skirt. The necklace, like the hair tie, is also made of cheap materials - plastic water bottles + glue + glass stain = D8 necklace! It's probably my favorite part of the costume, just because it sparkles a lot ^.^

I am super proud of Feena, being my second costume, and she will always one of my favorites.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, RuthlessJS

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