Fina - Skies of Arcadia: Legends

Debut: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010

Cost of materials: $100

Awards: n/a

Skies of Arcadia - Legends, is one of my favorite games. The thought of being a sky pirate, free to sail the winds, discovering new worlds and wonders, battling the evil empire Valua, is so much fun! I orinigally wanted to cosplay as Aika, but after a suggestion from a fan, I turned my attention to Fina, daughter of the Silvite civilization.

Fina is very elegant and mysterious, but she loves to laugh and have fun, especially with her newfound friends Aika and Vyse. I really adore her character's naivety about the world and the simple joy she finds in everything.

I used ivory Casa satin for the dress and sleeves, since they look ivory and not white in most of her pictures. The dress and sleeves are both lined and decorated with gold designs that are all satin stitched on with metallic gold thread. The collar for the dress is satin stitch embroidered gold satin taffeta stuffed with batting and closes at the back with a large hook and eye.

The sleeves bottoms and headband are cardboard wrapped in batting and covered with gold satin taffeta embroidered with black satin stitching. Both sleeves are held up by clear illusion cord sewn to the silver vinyl armbands, and they stay up really well! The veil is ivory sheer with gold satin taffeta designs Heat 'n Bonded on. The boot cuffs are just the fabric and embroidery and I already owned the boots.

The earrings are made from blue pearl Sculpey and painted with blue glass stain. The wig was originally a Clover from Cosworx in 613 that I cut down and styled to get Fina's flippy style and massive bang part. And Cupil is made from grey felt, black fleece and stuffing!

I really like how this costume turned out, even though I was doing so much satin stitching I couldn't see straight! And I'm so glad people recognized me!! Yay for Skies of Arcadia!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Anna Fisher, Kimmie the Cat

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