Fresca - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Debut: Katsucon 2010

Cost of materials: $82

Awards: N/A

Lunar is one of my all time favorite video games and I've always wanted to cosplay from it. My friend Dokudel wanted to cosplay something with me, and we ended up with Lunar, so I said I'd cosplay Fresca!

I used a red wool suiting fabric lined with white linen and trimmed with faux fur and yellow bias tape for the jacket and made toggle closures. The pants I already owned and altered to fit. The white sleeves are jersey knit fabric. The boot covers are made from purple twill, black fleece and white fur trim with zipper closures.

I had the pendant bead, so I made a loop fixture and clasp to complete the necklace. The wig and whip were purchased. The headband is made from purple twill and is embroidered using white floss - I used some Southwestern style symbols since you can't really make out what's going on in the reference pics! And the belt and pouch were constructed using red/brown faux vinyl and handmade toggle closures.

I just love how comfortable and warm this costume is! It's the only winter weather-appropriate costume I have, and I'm so happy to have made it. I was also really happy to have my good Luna and evil Luna to take pics with ^.^

Picture Credits: David Dunn, LJinto

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