Irvine Kinneas - Final Fantasy VIII

Debut: Otakon 2011

Cost of materials: $220

Awards: n/a

This costume was made so my husband could join in our Final Fansty VIII group at Otakon. He doesn't usually cosplay, but everyone was really excited to see him cosplay Irvine!

I started with the duster coat, which is made from Khaki twill and Sherpa fleece. It is lined in itself, has self covered buttons and features pockets on the inside and outside. The vest is purple Bengaline stretch suiting lined in black lining fabric and also has self covered buttons. The chaps are Alova suedecloth lined in muslin and features studded twill knee coverings. The chaps snap on over the belt.

The wig hair was originally a ponytail that I pulled apart and sewed into the rim of the hat. The hat was quite a steal and was purchased online. I made the necklace from a length of chain, flat metal discs that I glued red rhinestones onto, and a metal pendant onto which I attached dagger beads. Gloves are made from black stretch jersey. My husband already had the boots and jeans and earrings. I'm really happy with how this costume came out!! I suspect my husband had a great time, too, especially with all the attention he was getting!

Picture Credits: MindFall, Joseph Lin, Betwixt Photos, Lionel Lum

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