Kisala - Rogue Galaxy

Debut: Otakon 2011

Cost of materials: $42

Awards: n/a

Kisala is the daughter of the famous space pirate, Captain Dorgengoa, and helps aboard his ship, the Dorgenark, as he and his crew loot and plunder their way across the galaxy. She is a clever and well-spoken young woman with charisma and compassion. I have been wanting to make Kisala's Light Suit since the game came out and I'm so happy I finally had the time to make it!

The tube top and sleeves are made from a butter yellow crinkled cotton. The back of the vest and collar are made from a really neat yellow suiting with a rough weave that gives it some texture. All the brown straps are leather with craft foam decorations. The armbands are leather straps with craft foam and plastic jewels. The wrist bands are painted leather. The weird orange armbands are craft foam glued onto clear vinyl tubing for a semi-floating effect with painted popsicle sticks hanging from them (many thanks to David and Josh for helping me acquire those sticks!)

The skirt is lined jersey interlock with silver vinyl edging, featuring hand punched circles and folded creases. The skirt wrap is an ombre dyed jade chiffon with a blue and pink dyed length of voile on the end, separated by foam and vinyl bands. The stockings were hand dyed and the white designs were hand painted. The yellow ribbons are made from yellow Peachskin and are sewn onto the stockings so they don't fall down. I added the little silver craft foam designs to some boots I already owned, as well as the ivory cotton cuffs.

The wig was originally a 70s flippy blonde wig that I cut down and layered a LOT, then Sharpie dyed to get a chestnut brown color. The hair clips are craft foam and plastic jewels.

I'm really happy I made this costume. Rogue Galaxy doesn't get any love and it's such a fun game!!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Anna Fischer

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