Kisala, Her Majesty's Attire - Rogue Galaxy

Debut: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2008

Cost of materials: $200

Awards: Chairman's Award and Best Overall Craftsmanship, AMA Masquerade 2008

Kisala is the daughter of the famous space pirate, Captain Dorgengoa, and helps aboard his ship, the Dorgenark, as he and his crew loot and plunder their way across the galaxy. She is a clever and well-spoken young woman with charisma and compassion.

Like all the characters in Rogue Galaxy, Kisala has several different outfits. This one in particular is a bit of a spoiler. Her Majesty's Attire is acquired in the game after you discover that Kisala is actually Irieth, Princess of the legendary planet of Mari Glenn. The outfit is incredible, whites fading into pinks and greens, with pink roses and a feathered crown - much like the Queen's attire, but a little more playful.

I decided to use white Casa satin for the outfit, because it has a nice drape and a slight sheen to it. The pants and skirt are all Casa satin, with various colored panels and gradient airbrushing for decoration, legs bands secured with pearl buttons, pink roses, and hand-gathered ruffles. The top is, don't hate me, teal costume satin, but the non-shiny side. It was the absolute perfect color and not very hard to work with, as I stabilized it with a medium weight interfacing and a Casa satin lining. The ruffles were hand-gathered, and the orange panels on the bust were hand-pleated. I made my own bias tape and shoulder straps out of Casa, and placed the grommets on the back of the top for the white lacing. I also used the teal satin for the underskirt panels. The sleeves are Casa satin decorated with teal satin designs that were Heat 'n Bonded on, topped with sewn-on red and orange bias tape. The poofy parts of the sleeves were sewn onto the fitted sleeves, gathered and filled with a 1/2 yard of tulle each, then finished with the teal arm bands, and secured with pearl buttons and ribbon loop closures.

The wig was pre-styled and originally white, and it was my first time Sharpie dyeing a wig, but with some help from Envel and the Sharpie dyeing thread on, I successfully dyed the wig a multicolor brown, with reddish-brown and blonde highlights. I am thoroughly happy with the color and cut. The crown and collar are both craftfoam, painted gold and decorated with teal gemstones and gradient airbrushed feathers. The veil is Casa satin and gathered at the top, which then Velcroes into the crown. The gold design on the veil is Casa satin painted gold, then Mod Podged on the backside for stability, then cut out with an Exacto knife, and ironed onto the veil.

I simply adore this costume. Poofy pants! One of the best experiences in my life was waiting outside the Masquerade in Kisala and having three little girls come up to me saying, "Hi, Cinderella!" and asking, "Are you a princess?" They made my day ^.^

Picture Credits: Ronin's Photography, David Dunn

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