Silk Spectre - "Before Watchmen""

Debut: New York Comic Con 2012

Cost of materials: $30

Awards: N/A

I was looking at images of the new "Before Watchmen" comics and saw the most amazing illustration by Jim Lee of Laurie Jespeczyk in her new Silk Spectre outfit. I fell in love with the design and knew I had to make it. Plus, the new comics are fantastic and really paint the picture of a young Laurie Jupiter coming into her own as Silk Spectre, coming of age from a young and almost naive teenager (very reminiscent of Kara Zor-El as Supergirl) to a strong and capable young superhero.

The costume is gold milliskin spandex with black wet-look spandex detailing. The suit is lined in nude spandex lining fabric. The belt and boots are metallic black spandex, and the buckle is craft foam. The earrings were made from lacquered cardboard, and the wig is from my Nadie costume (I just pulled it into a ponytail).

The best moment of my Comic Con was meeting Amanda Conner in costume and having her and her colorist sign a large Laurie Print AND giving me the first three Silk Spectre comics, signed of course. It was amazing to meet them and they were just so excited to see my costume - it was phenomenal and I loved it. I can't wait to wear Laurie more!

*EDIT: New pictures from Dragon Con 2013!*

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Mindfall Media

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