Princess Lily - Legend, The Movie

Debut: Maryland Renaissance Festival 2014

Lily was one of the first princesses I really loved and admired. She is fiesty, beautiful, strong, courageous, kind, and loving: all the things a princess should be! This costume was a long time coming - I've been growing my hair out for about 5 years now just to make the costume! So happy I finally made this! "Legend" is one of my favorite movies ever and it's a big part of my childhood. I absolutely love the story, the music, the setting, the characters - it's just an amazing movie.

I am so grateful to Andrea Schewe for designing the sewing pattern through Simplicity! It helped make the process of making this so much easier :D The under dress is made from a really neat slinky fabric with a slick texture and great drape - I am so thrilled I found it because it's perfect for the costume. The neckline is sewn over with a blanket stitch, and the sleeves feature hand sewn eyelets and hand stitched gold cord trim along the edges. The over dress is made from a gorgeous buttercream yellow sateen. The shoulder straps are decorated in tiny white and iridescent pearl flowers, leaves, and rhinestones. The sleeve straps are decorated with some sequin and bullion trim I've had for several years and rhinestones and gold cord. The long sleeves and bodice are lined with a straw colored lining fabric to match. The bodice features hand sewn gold cord, beads, and various flowers and hand cut leaves. The lacing holes at the bodice front are also hand sewn. The belt piece is hand beaded with smooth and rough purl gold bullion, sequins, and beads. The dress also has two lengths of sequin trim at the front with two gold diamond-shaped tails and fringe.

I hand beaded the necklace using bugle and seed beads, and a heart button with hanging pearls, and the earrings with pearls and bicone beads. The crown/snood is made from a length of flat ribbon wire coated with hot glue for shape and painted gold. The netting portion is gold embroidery floss and each intersection is hand tied. I then added some super sparkly gold flowers with rhinestone centers to the front and back barrette. Not seen in this picture are the shoes - red suede with gold design painted on using glitter glue. And I have the ring, but it's also not pictured here.

I am so very happy that I finally got to make this costume - it's another mini-dream come true!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, P Karpey Photography


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