Wa-Loli Original Design Megurine Luka - Vocaloid

Debut: Otakon 2012

Cost of materials: $75

Wa-Loli Luka from Vocaloid...may be a "Spirit of Sakura" version to go with Pixiekitty's "Spirit of Fuji" version! Original design by me based on a Miku fanart. I am aware that my "kimono" top (which isn't actually a kimono top and isn't constructed as a kimono) is overlapped the incorrect way (ie right over left). This was a decision based on Pixiekitty's construction, and the fact that we are are undead, robotic hologram Vocaloid Spirits of Mount Fuji and Cherry Blossoms!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, P Karpey Photography, Sweet Sensations Photography

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay