Maeve, the Winter Lady - Dresden Files

Debut: Dragon Con 2013

Cost of materials: $50

"The Dresden Files" novels are seriously amazing. I had heard so many good things about them and finally started reading them, and then I couldn't put them down! Jim Butcher writes his characters so thoroughly that you really feel like they live right around the corner and eat at the same Burger King you do. My husband and I found out that Jim Butcher was going to Dragon Con, so we instantly started making Dresden character costumes in order to meet him.

Upon much consideration of all the female characters in his books, I ultimately went with Maeve, the Winter Lady. I felt that she had quite a unique style that was also very eye catching and interesting. I decided to make the first outfit you meet her in during "Summer Knight": dark blue leather pants, midriff cut shirt with "Off With His Head" graphic, and multicolor dreadlocks in various blues, greens, purples, and white that looked as if they were hewn from glacial ice. The only hurdle I had to jump was the dreadlock wig, since there really weren't many good tutorials on how to make yarn dreadlocks in the style I wanted. I ended up making it from a light blue base wig and dozens of handmade yarn dreadlocks in various colors of acrylic and wool yarns. The shirt was bought and cut at the midriff, and the iron-on transfer was designed by hand, printed, and affixed. I found a really great 4-way stretch vinyl in navy blue for the pants (leather is just too expensive and other fabrics wouldn't have the right fit), which also has sewn-in lacing at the hips.

My husband made Dresden on his own and we even found a Bob. We had a fantastic time at the convention and got to meet Jim Butcher - very exciting! We also got to see James Marsters again, who records all of "The Dresden Files" audio books! He absolutely loved the costumes and we had a great time talking with him.

Picture Credits: Betwixt Photography, P Karpey Photography

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