Nadie - El Cazador de la Bruja

Debut: Tekkoshocon 2009

Cost of materials: $175

Awards: N/A

Nadie is a bounty hunter in Mexico, who runs into a girl with a bounty on her head, Ellis. For some reason, Nadie helps Ellis run from the law and becomes not only her protector, but her best friend. She is compassionate and has a fiery spirit, and never misses her mark. Definitely a girl with a mind of her own, Nadie is a powerful and complex character. I really enjoyed watching her friendship with Ellis grow into an unbreakable bond and felt compelled to cosplay her.

Her outfit is little enough: jean shorts, vest top, gloves, boots, gun holster, and a poncho. I made the shorts from a nice stretch denim and added the grey tag on the back made from vinyl. I made the vest top out of brick red microsuede, with brass buttons, by heavily altering a pattern from a zip back dress to a button front top. The poncho is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own and so warm!! I was really grateful to be wearing it out in the cold wind. It's made from bone colored cotton and decorated with designs made of microsuede to match the vest. I made my own buttons out of Fimo and painted them. The gloves were purchased, then altered by removing the lining, sewing the open panel, and dyeing them brown. The boots were also purchased, as I didn't have time to make boot covers, but they were really more of a clothing investment since they are very well made and vintage.

The wig was purchased from Cosworx, and I plaited the braid and styled the bangs. Since I will be reusing this wig for other costumes, I did not put in the two huge curls that Nadie has. The hair jewelry is made from gold chain, gold wire, hair clips, pearls, blue beads, and a blue crystal made from water bottles and glass stain ^.^ The holster was a very interesting experience. I've never made one before, so I used some pictures of actual Western holsters for reference - it was really neat to figure out how they are put together! Made out of Cinnamon Whisper vinyl and two buckles, I really am very proud of it.

Overall, this costume was so much fun to wear! I really loved being all hidden in the poncho, and I'm sure nobody paid me any mind. It's definitely a very comfy costume, and I'm glad again to be sharing my love of this show through cosplay.

Picture Credits: David Dunn

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