Himeno as the Wind Pretear - Pretear

Debut: Anime USA 2010; This costume has been sold.

Cost of materials: $45

Awards: n/a

I watched Pretear way back during the summer for the first time and thought it was such a cute little show!!! I absolutely adore how it's a combination of Fushigi Yuugi and Cardcaptor Sakura :) Anyhow, I decided to get a group together and see if there was any interest in cosplaying from the show and I was so happy that a lot of my friends wanted to join in!!

I really wanted to make either the Wind or Water Pretear, and ultimately went with Wind. I happened upon a wig in the perfect cut and color and used that as a starting point for everyone else's wigs (decisions on color, cut, dyeing, etc).

The crown is made from a clear headband and craftfoam and decorated with some plastic jewels I had laying around (yeah, they're orange...so what). The gloves were purchased and the blue tops sewn on. The choker is dark blue Casa satin and closes with Velcro.

The dress is white Casa satin with boning and a side zipper. The skirt is...wait for it...costume satin!! But the wrong side so it looks nice ^__^ The sleeves are periwinkle organza and the wind frond thingies are blue bubble organza that I zig-zag stitched wire onto, then hot glued the edges down. They are fully movable and adjustable so they can kinda go everywhere. The little baubles are eyeshadow pot lids that I painted gold on the inside and then glued onto the dress. The boot covers are costume satin, Casa satin trim, and craft foam for the wings.

Overall, super easy costume!!! And so much fun!! I was so happy with everyone who joined in and we almost had all the Pretears together!! Thank you guys so much - it was a lot of fun for my first cosplay group and I'm so glad you all had a great time with it :)

Picture Credits: David Dunn, LJinto

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