The Red Queen of Hearts - "Alice in Wonderland"

Debut: Otakon

Cost of materials: $250

Awards: N/A

The Red Queen (based on an illustration by CrimsonCobwebs from DeviantArt).

I had to alter this costume somewhat to get the correct proportions and to accommodate fabric. I found a lovely burgundy taffeta embroidered with red swirls, but when I received the fabric order, the red swirls were the same color as the fabric. In order to remedy this, there are over 19,000 rhinestones hand-glued onto this costume!! All the red swirls = Rhinestones!

I made the corset using a French 1700s style pattern from Simplicity to get the correct silhouette. The dress is a mish-mash of styles in keeping with the illustration. I opted for a mini skirt (to save myself from a never-ending bout of rhinestone gluing) over a petticoat with a bustled train on the back. I added white thigh high stockings with maroon and white heart ribbon garters, and 5 inch red velvet heels with ruffles and heart ribbon closure.

I do have the beaded heart thingie on the back of my hair as a barrette, but opted for a heart topped crown for the front - it seemed more appropriate for the direction I took with the costume. I also have hearts on my fingernails!

I absolutely LOVE this costume and can't wait to wear her again!! Many thanks to CrimsonCobwebs for the inspiration - I just adore your picture.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Elysiam Entertainment, Blake of BentPic5, Mindfall Media, Sweet Sensations Photography, EleventhPhotography

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