Quistis Trepe - Final Fantasy VIII

Debut: Otakon 2011

Cost of materials: $115

Awards: n/a

This costume was an absolute must for me. Final Fantasy VIII is one of my favorite video games and Quistis suits me very, very well. I love Final Fantasy VIII - it was my first RPG and it holds a special place in my heart. Quistis is such a great character, and I'm saddened that Square didn't develop her a bit more in the story. She's fun, sassy, smart, and weilds Blue Magic and a whip! I'm so happy to have made this outfit to go along with our FF8 group at Otakon 2011!

I bought a bubblegum pink stretch sateen for the shirt and skirt fabric and used RIT color remover to take out most of the pink. I was really happy when it turned out the shade of salmon/peach I wanted! Both shirt and skirt are 12 gores with black bias tape pinstripes. The gunmetal/silver bias tape was handmade from dark brown PVC and painted, as was the waistband. The shirt closes via separating zipper. The sleeves are reddish brown vinyl lined in cotton with black vinyl cuffs and are attached to the shirt at the shoulders.

The belt began as a leather blank that I conditioned, painted, punched, and riveted. The chains on the shirt were linked by hand and attached, as were the beaded details on the skirt. I purchased a hair barrette and covered a piece of cardboard in silver vinyl and attached it. Black leather gloves, pants, and wig were purchased. I'm not entirely happy with the wig (since Cosworx stopped carrying their Clover wigs, I haven't been able to find a good alternative), but it works for now.

I'm so freaking happy with this costume!! I really enjoyed cosplaying from FF8 finally and with so many wonderful cosplayers, too!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, MindFall, Joseph Lin, PopeCerebus, Betwixt Photos

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