Rao - Okami

Debut: T-Mode 2008; This costume has been sold.

Cost of materials: $45

Awards: N/A

So, Okami is an absolutely fabulous game that I completely fell in love with - the music, the artwork, the wonderful story, everything! And it doesn't hurt that the game has some awesome character designs, too.

Rao caught my eye the moment I saw her, as the "busty babe" in Sei-an City, who happens to be a priestess who helps Amaterasu ward off evil from the land. I just knew I had to make her ^.^

The costume was relatively simple, except that in learning how to make a kimono, I had to disregard most of that knowledge to put this costume together! The under robe is white cotton, lined, with angled sleeves and a low-cut neckline. The over robe is purple cotton, unlined, with angled sleeves and a weird under-bust neckline. The obi is gold cotton that Velcros on the side, with a separate obi with a huge bow attached to it that Velcros together in the back.

The hood/veil is white cotton, lined, with red-painted styrofoam balls linked together with gold wire and sewn on to it. The shoes were purchased and I already owned the wig.

I think my favorite part of this costume is that I get to be a vamp, beauty mark and all ^.^ I am incredibly happy to have made this cosplay, and I can't wait to cosplay more from Okami.

Picture Credits: David Dunn

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