Riddel Viper - Chrono Cross

Debut: Katsucon 2011

Cost of materials: $105

Awards: n/a

I had wanted to make a Riddel costume since I played Chrono Cross for the first time back in 2000. She was just so beautiful and I loved all the colors in her design! I'm so glad that I got to be a part of a Chrono Cross group for Katsucon and that I finally had a chance to make her.

I decided to use the in-game design because I really don't like Riddel with purple hair - it's just not as bright and colorful as her game avatar.

The dress and sleeves are made of green and gold stretch satin (that I got on sale...hoo-boy that was pricey). The designs are purple faile and red crepe-back satin that are satin stitched onto the gold satin, which was in turn satin stitched on to the green satin. The dress is lined, has a powernet petticoat for the bottom flare, and an inner boned bodice for support.

The headband is interfaced red crepe-back satin with gold satin triangles and purple strips sewn on. The snake on top, affectionately called "Dill," is made from pink insulation foam coated with gesso, sanded and painted, and topped with red rhinestone eyes. The necklace is made from clear glass beads painted red and two faceted beads painted purple...it looks like candy lollipops to me! The wig and shoes I already owned. The staff (aka Rainbow Rod) is PVC pipe, cardboard, paper mache, pink insulation foam, gesso, electrical tape, and a clear ornament ball painted red. I painted the staff a dark grey, then sprayed it with a pearlescent spray paint to get the multi-color tone, but it mostly came out looking purple :)

Overall, this was such a fun costume to wear! I enjoyed sharing my love for Chrono Cross and had such a great time cosplaying with Miki, Janice, and Harle!!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Joseph Lin, Eurobeat King

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