Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy 8

Debut: Katsucon 2013

Cost of materials: $75

I was always a Quistis fan when playing Final Fantasy 8. Rinoa just wasn't my type; however she was one of my staple fighters and I respected her for that. I happened upon a wig that I got for a different costume and it was the perfect wig for Rinoa, so I decided to make her outfit, considering how easy it was. Duster fabric was originally cream, which I dyed to light aqua/turquoise. Bicycle shorts were made from Dri-Tek Performance spandex and the zippers installed. Skirt is blue cotton with custom-painted light blue contrast. Wings are made from 3/8" copper tubing, chicken wire, batting, and felt for the feathers. Boots, wig, and shirt are pre-owned.

I actually found a super nice Squall named Mike while wearing Rinoa, and he was nice enough to join in my photoshoot with M-Squared Photography!

Picture Credits: M-Squared Photography, MindFall Media, David Dunn, Ger Tysk, P Karpey Photography, Jonathan Wu

�2013 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay