Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre - The Watchmen

Debut: Anime USA 2009

Cost of materials: $150

Awards: N/A

I had been planning this costume ever since I saw "The Watchmen" in March 2009. Sally's costume was just to die for!

I used an antique yellow silk chiffon for the dress. I really didn't like just how transparent the chiffon was, so I double layered it for modesty, as well as a little more warmth! I used a luster satin for the waist cincher, collar, wristlet, and corset. The glove is dull spandex with gold buttons sewn on. The stockings were purchased, as were the boots (though the wrong ones were sent to me and I didn't have time to buy new ones prior to the convention). The earrings were made from two buttons. I did the make up and nails on my own. The wig is an Angela 750 in Auburn, and was styled using hair rats that I made of felt, bobby pins, and hairspray. Thank you so much to all the 1940s hair styling videos I watched on youtube!!

Overall, I love this costume. It is very comfortable to wear, despite the 5 inch heels and corset ^.^ And I just love how it makes me feel - very old world glam.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, LJinto, PopeCerebus, Gotham Photography

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