Kuronuma Sawako - Kimi Ni Todoke

Debut: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2010

Cost of materials: $45

Awards: N/A

I adore, just ADORE this series. I couldn't stand how slowly the anime was coming out, so I went ahead and read all the manga and I'm STILL not satisfied!!

Kuronuma Sawako's uniform is made from cotton that I dyed slightly darker blue. Box pleat skirt and lined jacket with functional pockets - the end! I used a white collared shirt I already owned and a red tie I made for a previous costume. Loafers were purchased on EBay.

This is a really hard costume to pose for, since Sawako is pretty scary and aloof most of the time, so I just ended up smiling a lot ^.^

Picture Credits: David Dunn

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay