Miss Scarlet - Clue

Debut: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2012

Cost of materials: $75


Didn't really think this would happen, and then it did, and it was so much freaking fun!!!! Had more and more fun the longer we wore the costumes and now I can't wait to wear them again. Also, I never really quite figured out how Leslie Ann Warren was nearly falling out of her dress for the entirety of the movie and still managed to stay decent...

I used a strapless dress pattern from Vogue for the dress and used some left over black-shot green taffeta from my Mina dress for the fabric. I really wanted to find some acetate taffeta, but, alas, there was none to be found and I didn't have time to dye the silver acetate taffeta I already had. I didn't want to use satin because I couldn't find the correct green-to-black that I wanted, plus it wasn't stiff enough for the dress shaping.

Anyway, I draped the bust and sleeves to achieve the shape, then added on the tulle wrap thingie, which oddly enough really is blue in the film. All the jewelry was purchased (the necklace is actually a vintage piece), as were the shoes which I painted green and added the jewel details. The wig was purchased on EBay and it's kind of a wreck!! I trimmed it and flattened it a bit to get Scarlet's crazy style, but it just looks like I went on a bender after dinner or something!

Candlestick was a birthday present. I also made Mrs. Peacock's knife and Yvette's outfit.

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay