Dr. Mrs. The Monarch cheerleader outfit - The Venture Bros.

Debut: New York Comic Con 2011

Cost of materials: $50

Awards: n/a

This costume is so adorable and I'd been meaning to make a Dr. Girlfriend / Dr. Mrs. The Monarch cosplay for a while. As soon as I saw this episode, I knew I had to make Sheila's cheerleader outfit!

Everything is made of stretch knit and stretch jersey fabric. The M is satin stiched onto the front of the top, which also includes boning for support. The pom-poms were ordered online and I was really surprised at just how well I got all the colors to match within the whole outfit! I already owned the wig and shoes, and I used sharpies to color the red and yellow lines on the socks.

Best part of this outfit was meeting Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick while wearing it and having them both sign the streamers on one of my pom-poms. Those guys...pure awesome.

Picture Credits: Anna Fischer, PopeCerebus

©2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay