She-Ra: Princess of Power"

Debut: New York Comic Con 2012

Cost of materials: $150

Awards: N/A

This costume has been a long time coming. I went as She-Ra for two Halloweens when I was a wee lass, complete with plastic mask, toy sword, and plastic printed costume. She-Ra was my LIFE for many years, because she is amazing, beautiful, smart, kind, and caring.

The dress is made of Peau de Soie, with leather applique detailing and painted cabochon, and is fully boned. The head piece is Wonderflex covered with leather on a headband with combs. The gauntlets are leather, grommets, and lacing. I bought a Hera and Hestia wig from EpicCosplayWigs and sewed them together for She-Ra's epic and full golden hair. The cape is red gabardine stabilized with horsehair braid and attached to a leather choker. The boots were some that I already owned and painted to match the bronze/gold leather.

The sword is made of foam board, Wonderflex, Gesso, paint and painted cabochons. I am making a tutorial for this and will post it soon! It came out very well and I may even offer this for sale as a resin cast.

Anyway, I absolutely loved being one of my childhood idols for a day, and everyone at New York Comic Con appreciated seeing She-Ra and taking pictures, especially in our large Etheria group!

Picture Credits: David Dunn

2012 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay