Caprica Six - Battlestar Galactica

Debut: Dragon Con 2013

Cost of materials: $65

I didn't get into Battlestar Galactica until last year. I had heard amazing things about it but just never got around to watching it. But when I did, I marathoned it and finished the whole show in about a week! Such a fantastic show and I absolutely love the mythology and all the religious allegories surrounding it.

Some friends suggested I make a Six costume and I readily agreed. The dress is made from a nice stretch jersey in three pieces, as per the actual design. The skirt portion has two vertical hip darts on each side. The dress in whole was flat drafted by hand. I purchased the wig from EBay and was quite long, so I cut and trimmed it to Six's longer length in the show. I made the earrings from red beads and wire, and the bracelet is made from Sintra.

I had a fabulous time wearing this outfit - I felt so sultry and everyone really loved it. I also had an amazing time being in Ackson's Battlestar Galactica video short and getting to shoot at the Georgia Aquarium!!

Picture Credits: Ackson Lee, BentPic5 Photography, JWai Design Photography, Mindfall Media, P Karpey Photography

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