Stunky Pokemon Gijinka by Cowslip

Debut: DragonCon 2014

I love Pokemon and love making gijinka costumes - they are so neat and I love seeing all the different renditions. I would love to make more, and I certainly will, but I needed something that would be easy to make in a relatively short amount of time, so I went with Stunky.

Stunky is too cute!! I love the purple and Cowslip has made her version so very pretty. I used a two-tone purple taffeta for the costume and hand painted on all the purple and glitter swirls. All the ruffles are purple taffeta and cream yellow sateen. The yellow bias tape is handmade from a gold swirl yellow satin. I also dyed sheer mesh and sheer tights to purple for the stomach fabric and tights. There are a few pink flowers with yellow feather cirls for the neck and side decorations, and I used whinestones all over everything! The wig is a short shaggy blond wig with bang extensions dyed purple. The ears are made of purple and gold yarn and pin into the wig. I also made bracelets from white painted beads and abalone shell shards that look like teeth!

This was a really neat costume to make. I had a lot of fun with textures and differente materials for it, and it's super cute and I lvoe having fun in it!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, P Karpey Photography


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