Tamber - Children of Mana

Debut: Anime USA 2007; This costume has been retired.

Cost of materials: $250

Awards: Best of Weekend, Hall Contest at Tekkoshocon 2008

I saw Tamber's costume on the cover art for the game Children of Mana and was taken aback at how beautiful and interesting it was. After playing the game, Tamber is a very strong and determined character - which I really like. This costume was so much fun to make!

I made the bag from scratch using a CD case template, and made the belt from the same material for the bag, with gold grommets. There's a real belt buckle for the belt, but I did make the "decorative" buckle out of hot glue and cardboard. Yes, that is a real shell on the front, painted with floral spray and glued onto the bag.The arm covers are made from a robin's egg blue stretch twill painted with green fabric paint and secured with elastic cords and rings. The sleeve caps are dyed gauze cotton, with a yellow cotton border and shells made out of Paperclay and painted with floral spray. The headpiece is white muslin stuffed and lightly painted with floral spray and acrylic paint, mounted on a headband, with a bauble made from cardboard and hot glue glued to the "tail" side, and with brick red microsuede for the head scarf. The top was extremely challenging to create because I wanted a strapless top with a low back. I ended up mounting the top to a boned straless top I had made a while ago, with zippers on the boned top and the red top for easier getting into. I had a bit of a problem with the bust part being flat, but I don't mind it too much. The yellow bias tape was added and the back straps attached. I hand painted the white scroll work on both the top and the head scarf with acrylic paint, which gave it a neat textured design since it's over microsuede.

The leg wraps were made of robin's egg twill with a yellow cotton panel on the one ankle flap. For the collar, I enclosed a foamie strip in yellow cotton, and topped it with piping and the shell design, which has a layer of batting inside to make it plushie. The shoe covers are made from robin's egg twill, muslin, batting, and yellow cotton, with the shell design sewn in. I absolutely adore the wig, which started out as a 30" wig, but got cut in order to make more wefts for thickness, then cut into 2 long layers. The skirt, which I love best of all, is ivory gauze cotton, gradient dip dyed a lovely coral/melon color, then spot dyed orange, peach, and yellow at the bottom. I used floral spray for the light spots on the bottom, and added a red, double button waistband to the top.

I didn't want to make the bow and arrow that Tamber is always pictured with, since the main weapon I used in the game with her was the flail. It's mainly seen with Poppen in pictures, but I loved the design and decided to make it. It's made out of materials I had around my house: plastic water bottles, a wooden dowel, a floral foam ring, clear plastic tubing, a plastic ring, a teardrop decoration from a shower curtain hook, jute twine, a styrofoam ball, batting, fabric, Paperclay, a wooden ball, Gesso, and paint. I had to buy the beads for the rope and 5/8 inch wooden flower pots for the crystal sets. It's my lovely little Pineapple of Doom!

Overall, this costume was very involved, and I look like an Easter egg exploded on me with all the bright colors, but I am very pleased with it. It's definitely more of an outrageous design than my other costumes thus far, but weird is good, right?

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Robert Matthews, Deathcom.net

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