Taurus by Sakizo

Debut: Otakon 2013

Cost of materials: $75

Sakizo has been a cosplay craze as of late, and there's a group of us on Facebook where we plan and coordinate Sakizo costumes. We have a large collection of photos and drawings by Sakizo, and when the picture for Taurus was posted, I fell in love! I knew I had to make her - so fierce and earthy and different from Sakizo's usual frilliness.

I actually started working on this in December 2012, when I made the main top, swim bottom, skirt, and jeweled collar for a party. Then I developed it some more in the summer before Otakon. I hand sewed bead trim on everything in various shades of green. The medallions are resin casts of two neat looking stone medallions I found on EBay - it was my first time with resin and I really enjoyed working with it! I made a tail from brown Whisper vinyl and a tuft of wig hair left over from my Caprica Six wig, dyed brown. I found some neat bangle bracelets and scraped out the pink/orange/yellow color coatings from the insides and repainted them all in greens.

The leg armor is made from a leather base, with craft foam decoration and elastic straps for wearing. I painted them to look like they were oxidized copper and absolutely loved the result! I also made the leg garter from leather. The horns are made from insulation foam that I carved and sanded into shape, then coated with Gesso and painted a neat coppery tan/green. The horns are affixed to a white headband to match the wig. The wig was mussed up and back combed a bit for volume. The axe is made from foam board, a wooden dowl, cardboard, and hot glue, with leather wraps on the haft.

I cannot wait to wear this outfit again - I had such a blast wearing it at Otakon and got some amazing pictures taken!! Although I think I can only wear it in Summer and outside, because I get cold so easily in it ^_^

Picture Credits: JWai Design Photography, P Karpey Photography

2013 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay