Tethys - Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones

Debut: Anime-Mid-Altantic 2008; This costume has been retired.

Cost of materials: $150

Awards: Best Master for Friday and Best of Weekend, Anime Mid-Atlantic Hall Contest 2008

"Tethys is a beautiful, charming dancer, and a native of the desert kingdom of Jehanna. Abandoned by her parents when she young, Tethys began dancing to make money, and with time she became famous. She danced from city to city, and the entire continent became her stage."

I've always loved Tethys' character - she's passionate and fiery, but extremely caring about her comrades. I grew very fond of her throughout the game and thought it would be fun to cosplay her. Her design is intricately detailed and provocative, and since everyone already thinks I'm a dancer, I thought it would fit me to a tee!

Her outfit is very simple (Arabian-eqsue dancer), so it was pretty simple to put together. I used patterns for the bikini bottoms and pants and heavily altered one for the top, and used purple cotton knit, eggplant Casa sheer, and a dusty rose sheer material. The detail work on the top is in gold bias tape, gold embroidery thread and gold and red-painted beads. There is even an embroidered miniature symbol on the back of the bikini bottoms, just to add some flair. Her arm bands are made of eggplant sheer and gold bias tape, and the cuffs are wired fish tank tubing painted gold. The split sole ballet shoes were purchased from Ebay and the ankle cuffs sewn out of red cotton and added. Her dancing ring/scarf thing is comprised of macrame rings, beads, bells, and a sheer voile which I dyed pink, purple, and blue for a multicolor effect, and hand-sewn eyelets in a light purple to match the colors. The big bow on Tethys' hip is a dual color taffeta of red and black, with hand-sewn eyelets and hand painted glass beads.

I would say the hardest part so far would be the wig, since it is my first time with ponytails and stubbing. I had to dye a white wig a dusty red using Sharpies (many thanks to Envel for her help on dunk dyeing!), then sew more wefts into the wig for fuller coverage on the sides and back, and pull the whole thing up into a ponytail (thank you to Kukkii-san on her advice for the weft placement and ponytail advice!). After stubbing, I added dyed wefts for the braid and topped it off with a purple hair tie and bells.

This is such a lovely costume, and I'm really glad I spent more time on it with hand detailing - I think it adds a great personal touch to the costume and really shows how much I'm involved with it's construction.

Picture Credits: Ronin's Photography

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