Tina - Fantastic Children

Debut: Katsucon 2009; This costume has been sold.

Cost of materials: $165

Awards: N/A

I had heard about Fantastic Children long before I watched it. The story was said to be amazing, although I didn't know much more about it than that. So I finally sat down and started watching it, and it really is an amazing story! The plight of poor Helga and her strange memories of a landscape she's never seen gives way to a tale of a princess whisked away from her home world. The princess, Tina, lives on a far away planet known as Grecia, a planet covered with water. Strange happenings befall her and force the royal scientists to send her soul to Earth, where she is caught up in the karmic cycle of birth and rebirth, being reincarnated over hundreds of years until the scientists can find her and send her soul back to Grecia.

The story itself is truly fascinating, but Tina's dress is just as fantastic! The beautiful colors and delicate details are incredibly appealing. I used white Casa satin for the main body of the dress, with purple Asanti faille for the bottom under layer bottom panel and the top band of the dress. Robin's egg blue floral spray was used to obtain the gradient at the bottom of the over layer of the dress. The cape is blue Casa crepe, with a lined hood.

The crown and emblem are made from craft foam and plastic jewels, all painted with acrylics and coated with clear sealant. The blue necklaces are folded bias tape, and the rest of the jewelry was pieced together using various chains, closures, and beads. The armband is wired fishtank tubing covered in gold vinyl. I purchased the satin slippers and wig.

I truly love this costume. I feel so elegant while wearing it, and it makes me look like I'm floating around ^.^ I'm so glad I can share my love of this show through my costuming - I hope I can get more people to watch it!

Picture Credits: David Dunn

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