Umi Ryuuzaki Final Armor from Magic Knight Rayearth

Debut: Katsucon 2015

A friend of mine mentioned she was making Alcyone from Magic Knight Rayeath and was trying to get other people to join her, so I said I would make Umi! I love Umi's character and, of course, her colors. I decided to make Umi's Final Armor to match Alcyone and because it is very pretty and stylized.

The dress and headband are made using a pretty blue knit fabric, edged with hand made gold stretch bias tape. I also used the gold for Umi's boot and dress decor, and her hand jewel. The headband features fins made of Sintra and some fabric paint detailing. I made the gloves and boot covers from a shiny white stretch PVC, and the waist cincher is made with craft foam and silver stretch vinyl. I purchased the wig from EBay and it is the perfect color! I also got 6 yeards of powder blue crepe fabric for the cape and made it a very large circular cape that attaches to the shoudler pauldrons (made from Worbla).

This is such a pretty costume and I am so happy to have finally made an Umi costume!

Picture Credits: David Dunn, P Karpey Photography, Ken Davis, Martin Wong


�2015 D^2 and FireLilyCosplay