Velvet, Princess of Valentine - Odin Sphere

Debut: T-Mode 2007; This costume has been sold.

Cost of materials: $230

Awards: Best in Show at T-Mode 2007

I really love Gwendolyn's costume in Odin Sphere (the colors are amazing). When I spoke with a fellow cosplayer, she revealed that she had started on Gwendolyn, so I offered to make a Velvet to go with her. I'm glad I did - talk about sexy! Velvet's costume is simple, but has that gypsy allure to it and it really looks like fun.

It was easy enough to make, though it was my first time with ruffles and pleats, so I learned a lot in the process. I used red crepe back satin for the skirt, sleeves, collar, and hood, with the crepe side out so that the inside was naturally lined by the satin. The skirt top is dual color taffeta in red and black, and it changes color in the light, much like in the game. The top consists of black stretch ponte lined in nude colored swim lining, red crepe back satin, and goldenrod cotton for the box pleats. I decided to use the goldenrod because Velvet's sprite in the game has yellow ruffles and stars, not gold. The stars for the hood were attached using Heat 'n Bond, which I love, and they almost look painted on. The garters are made of black cotton and black baby silk for the ruffles. Shoes were acquired at Wal-Mart, and the stockings and wig were purchased online.

My favorite part of this costume, technically speaking, is the veil and beaded headdress. I had to dye the lace trim on the veil black before I sewed it on to the skullcap/veil (made of black stretch ponte and black baby silk), and though it was my first time dyeing anything, it came out very well. I hand painted the beads a goldenrod color to match the ruffles and stars, linked them together on gold chain, cut the stars out of reinforced goldenrod cotton to match the colors completely, and beaded those on as well. It's just so much fun to wear together - very princess-like to me.

I also constructed the Psyphers from scratch: plastic, glass stain, LEDs, paperclay, wire hangers, and Ice Breakers mint tins. Betcha can't figure out where everything went! But they glow and look wonderful - I'm very glad I came up with that idea and that my boyfriend likes to tinker.

Picture Credits: David Dunn, PopeCerebus,, Spooky Electric, Eurobeat King

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