Lenneth's Wedding Dress - Valkyrie Profile

Debut: April 11, 2010

Cost of materials: $100

Awards: N/A

I absolutely fell in love with this dress when I was looking through the Valkyrie Profile art book and decided that was what my wedding dress was going to be. There were a lot of other styles that I was looking at, but I just adored all of the intricate details and the fluffy skirt of this particular dress.

There were some changes made: I did not make the gloves and I altered the headpiece to a simple hair comb since my hair is quite unpredictable. The dress is made from white Casa satin and the veil is white organdy. The skirt features box pleats on the front and a stiffened hemline. The bodice and overskirt was very interesting to make. The front design is Heat 'n Bonded onto silver silk satin and ironed onto the front. The sleeve designs are also Heat 'n Bonded onto the organdy sleeves and attached to the bodice front and back. With pearl buttons down the back, the bodice is fully lined and boned. The shoes I already had.

I also made my little cousins' purple dresses and they looked absolutely precious!! I was so glad that everything came out nicely for my wedding and that it was unique - I can honestly say that no one has my wedding dress ^.^

Picture Credits: David Dunn, Eric Rodriguez, Leah Gussenbauer, and Alan Walker

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