Xenobia - Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Debut: Tekkoshocon 2011

Cost of materials: $130

Awards: n/a

ZOMG Xenobia! This costume was made under very interesting circumstances...mainly that my friends Jo and Nell volunteered me to make it during a conversation they had about cosplaying the Vile Tribe sisters. When they told me about said convo and asked if I would make it, I agreed right away!

Um...there's not much costume here. I got lucky and found the bikini top at Target and I already owned the shoes. The "dress" is navy blue stretch knit and the collar is white knit with black cotton designs satin-stitched on. The pendant is Lucia's pendant from the "Lunar 2: Eternal Blue" Special Edition Box Set that I own (it looked close enough in the references to Xenobia's pendant).

The wig is two EBay wigs. The first was drawn into a half ponytail and stubbed. The second was harvested for wefts. I used a foam cone for the ponytail/beehive core and glued the wefts into/around it, then covered it with batting and black cotton with red painted designs. Then I glued the ponytail on and secured it with cardboard and wire inside the wig cap. Minimal styling and fluffing was done on the bangs.

Nell was super awesome and bought us all alcohol activated paint and we had a marvelous time painting ourselves in various stages of undress! God, these costumes are so much fun!!! I really can't express how awesome it was to cosplay the Vile Tribe sisters. Lunar is a game we all love and I'm so happy we made these costumes!

Picture Credits: David Dunn

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