Yukiko, CHAM Costume - Perfect Blue

Debut: Anime USA 2008

Cost of materials: $50

Awards: N/A

I absolutely love Satoshi Kon (and I actually got to see him in person at a special preview of Paprika here in DC!), and I've been a huge fan of his work for years. My friend told me after Otakon that she was going to make a Mima from Perfect Blue, so I offered to make a CHAM outfit to match.

Since I already had a longish brown wig, I opted to cosplay Yukiko instead of Rei. I used white Casa satin for the main body of the dress, with berry-colored Casa for the trim and garters. The top is lined and boned and fits like a glove! The stockings, gloves, and shoes were purchased, and I already had the petticoat. The bows for the shoes were custom dyed to match our 4-inch killer heels and attached using neodymium magnets for easy removal and no damage to the shoes.

My fiance had an old microphone that he was never going to use, so I cut the cord off and it made for a wonderful prop.

Picture Credits: EurobeatKing, LJinto

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