Callisto - Xena, Warrior Princess
Status: 0%
Cost: n/a

I grew up watching "Xena, Warrior Princess" - it's easily one of my favorite shows. Callisto is such a force of nature! By far my favorite villain-turned-hero, Callisto has such an amazing story of tragedy-feuled vengeance giving way to crazy villainy and eventually transforming into loving redemption and new hope. Plus, her outfit is so intricate and hardcore!

I actually had the opportunity to buy this costume way back in 2000 when all the Xena props and costumes were up for auction on EBay, but it was starting at $2000 and sadly I didn't have that kind of money in college *sniff* Needless to say, I got some amazing reference pictures and cannot wait to make this costume come to life again!

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