Deianeira - Heroic Age
Status: 5%
Cost: n/a

So I watched this show in two days - it blew my mind! It is now one of my favorite shows ever, and I absolutely have to show it off and let people know about it. So I decided to cosplay Deianeira, Princess of the remainder of Mankind, now known as the Iron Tribe. She has incredible psychic and telepathic powers that prevent most men from coming within a few yards of her, until she meets Age while on a quest to bring peace to the universe and preserve Mankind, and their relationship is truly remarkable. Deianeira is passionate about saving her people and uses her powers to their benefit without reserve.

Mankind has kind of streamlined it's fashion in the future, and all aboard the Argonaut wear bodysuits. Deianeira's is white and powder blue, denoting her rank, with geometric lines for contrast. In two episodes, she has an added skirt and shoulder pieces with a cape for diplomatic meetings. I'll probably end up doing both outfits simply for fun. But I really am in love with this series, and I can't wait to cosplay as the Princess!


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2008 D^2