Katniss Everdeen - Hunger Games Interview Dress
Status: 10%
Cost to Make: n/a

I read through "The Hunger Games" series in about 4 days. I was sorely disappointed by the movie. Whoever worked on the costume designs really missed the mark. The book has it all laid out in clear cut detail, and I was very sad to see a lot of prom dresses on those actresses. Especially Kat. So I'm planning to make my own interpretation of the Interview Dress while staying true to the description in the book. Although I won't be using actual gem stones (because I already did that once on my Red Queen and the dress was really heavy), I will be using sequins - they catch the light much better and provide more glitter and flare.

This is just a dress I'll be working on with no deadline. I really want to make it aboslutely spectacular.

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